The Institute has very well equipped workshops and lab facilities and students are encouraged to acquire application skills and practically verify the knowledge acquired in the classroom. Labs and workshops are amongst the best equipped in the country. The Institute also provides 24 hour access to wireless internet services throughout the campus. The labs are connected through wireless as well as optical fiber cabling. The hostel students and faculty members residing in the campus.

Services in HIMCS Campus:

Bandwith – 10 Mbps (1:1)

Network Infrastructure – Completely managed network using Cisco High end (Chassis based L3/L2 Switches)

Campus : campus is completely Wi-Fi with seamless roaming profile.

Major Services : 24X7 managed internet services, Live, TV Streaming to all Nodes of campuses, FTP (Software Availbility to students), Multi media (audio / movies access to students) via movie servers, Mailing service to each students, academic detail access to students.

Number of Servers – 08

Number of Nodes – 360